The following ideas were brought up for a jam theme, and so starting next week we will look at how to accomplish a few of these.


  • Sidescroller – 5
  • 2D Fighter -5
  • Racing – 3
  • Boring -1
  • Goal – 1
  • Space
  • Gore

I think we have a vote on these; and then we will do them in descending order. So it will vary how many items we complete in the 2 Wednesdays. I will just cover the core mechanic so we can get through a few though. As I think its better to get a basic idea of multiple concepts and during the jams you can take it further(I will still help); rather than spending an entire day on only one concept and then that is all you got to learn.

Feel free to comment your thoughts and also vote. You get 2 votes. Can’t vote for the same things twice.

Add this to your comment somewhere:

Vote: Racing, 2D Fighter #4Nico

This ^ is my vote. We will start with a class on the winning topic and move down the list as we finish a topic. You can always resubmit an idea for a later class series if we didn’t get to it.

There aren’t that many topics this week that relate purely to CGI however I am sure it can be adapted. Gore can obviously contain to CG such as blood splatters, decapitation etc. Racing could be how to lay out a track from a reference or maybe how to model a basic vehicle quickly? I will let Dylan comment on what approach he wants to take. Maybe separate idea suggestions for CG related classes.

Also thinking about it now, next time suggestions for the class(Coding Wise) could be mechanically inclined(Such as 2D Fighter, Racing etc) and then when we start a jam we can get suggestions for artistic themes. So lets say 2D fighter,Racing, Goal and Boring are  the mechanical themes, you will learn how to do that, and then when the jam comes you can do any one of those(or something else) and then the jam theme can just be a guide. Example the jam theme is Western. So you can make a cowboy 2D fighter/Racer/Boring/Goal game. Just an idea feel free to comment.

Till next time. Please interact. Even if it is just “first!”